Golf Performance Evaluation - Online Schedule

The evaluation is the most important part of our programs and assures we help you reach your goals. Every golfer has individual needs based on age, skill and medical history, therefore we need to define your needs and develop your individual plan to achieve them. Includes 3-D motion capture swing assessment for biomechanical efficiency, full physical assessment including flexibility, strength, balance, power, balance and speed as well as injury risk assessments. Also includes initial golf fitness program recommendations as well as long term planning recommendations.


Physical Therapy Evaluation - Online Schedule

60 minute Physical Therapy Evaluation with Licensed Physical Therapist covering orthopedic, functional movement, functional capacity and sport specific assessments as well as flexibility, strength, balance, power etc measures are taken in order to design the appropriate plan of care.


Strategy Session In Person Visit

Free 30 minute 1 on 1 session to discuss your situation with our expert staff who will help you determine your best path forward to reach your goals